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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gourmet Cakes

Gourmet Cakes are cakes you would not want to miss even for the tastiest of desserts. It comes in different sizes and shapes , having different assortments and designs. Gourmet cakes are often served in wedding celebrations, special occasions , Birthdays ,anniversary and festivities.
Gourmet cakes are both sophisticated and delightful. They can be children birthday cakes, wedding anniversary cakes or family holiday cakes. It is a great way for any type of occasion.
• Most common flavors are:
* Raspberry angel cake
* Chocolate Cheese Cake
* Chocolate Spice Cake
* Raspberry Cake
* Chocolate Banana Cake
* Chocolate Cake
* Chocolate Strawberry Short Cake
* Sour Cherry Cake
* Carrot Cake
•Mini Spiced Pumpkins
•Chocolate raspberry Cake
* Lemon pond Cake
Any one can choose from the cake fillings available in the Gourmet cake stores like:
* Vin Santo Cream
* Beluga Caviar
* Bavarian Cream
* cream cheese
* cranberry sauce
* Chocolate Ganache
* Pineapple Charlotte
* blueberries
* butter
* canned peaches
* tropical fruit, like mango, papaya, passion fruit, or pineapple
* Mocha
* Raspberry Mousse
Gourmet cake icings depend on the chefs design.

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